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CURE Letter

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If you are a Weber County voter visiting this page, you were likely notified by text, phone, mail, or email that the Election Division is currently trying to verify the signature on your ballot envelope so that we can count your vote.

Utah law requires that a voter must sign their ballot envelope affidavit, and the signature must match the signature on the voter’s registration form for the ballot to be counted.  EVERY vote-by-mail ballot returned to our office MUST go through the signature verification process.

We send every Weber County voter a letter in the mail.  Any phone, text, or email correspondence from our office is in addition to that letter.  If you have already replied to the letter, thank you for your response.  Your ballot will be counted once the signature is verified. No other action is necessary.

If you have not yet received a letter from us, please watch for one to arrive. If you would rather not wait, please go over the options below to cure your ballot.

If you do nothing, the ballot will not be counted.  


All affidavits must arrive in our office by 5:00 pm on September 18, 2023.

In the letter we sent you, we specified the reason we are not yet able to count your ballot.  To better understand why signatures fail, please see below.

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Ways to cure your ballot:

Below are the options you have as a voter to cure your ballot and correct the signature.

Physical Letter

Every ballot that is rejected is automatically sent a physical letter, if this is the best option for you, simply wait for the letter to arrive and return it to us by the deadline above.


To cure your ballot online, please visit this page and disregard your physical letter. 

This page is both mobile and desktop friendly.

Reasons my ballot could not be counted:
No Signature

Below are different reasons that a ballot may not be counted, or need to be cured.

 Your ballot envelope was returned to our office unsigned.

Signatures Do Not Match

 The ballot envelope signature does not match the signature on your voter record.  Perhaps your signature recently changed, is outdated or you use more than one signature.

Other Signature

Your ballot envelope may have been signed by another voter at the same address. Or, the ballot may have been delivered to the wrong address and mistakenly voted by a resident there.  Please note, Utah law does not allow a voter to sign for another, even with that person’s consent.

Signature Swap

Sometimes two household members mistakenly swap ballots or ballot envelopes with each other. When both ballots have been returned and we are able to determine that it is an actual “swap”, AND both signatures match the voter record, we will pass both ballots through together to be counted. 

If we cannot yet verify that it is a swap (only one ballot has been received, the same voter signed both ballots, etc.) a voter may be asked to sign an affidavit for us to count the ballot.

Power of Attorney

Your ballot envelope was signed by an individual claiming to act as “Power of Attorney” or an authorized agent. Utah State Law does not allow for a Power of Attorney to vote or sign the ballot return envelope on behalf of another person.   

We understand that some voters may have limited or no mobility. We want all eligible voters to be able to exercise their right to vote, regardless of physical ability. If you are having difficulty signing your ballot envelope, call our office so we can discuss your options and find a solution that will work best for your needs.

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