Official Public Notice of Regular Primary Election 2022

The Primary Election is held on behalf of the political parties. Each party determines who can vote in their primary, not Weber County Elections. Registered voters will automatically receive the primary ballot from the political party they are currently affiliated with.

NOTICE: Voters affiliated with a political party may not switch their affiliation after MARCH 31st in order to vote in the June primary election. Utah Code 20A-2-107(2)(f).

Party rules:
Constitution Party, Libertarian Party or Republican Party - voters must be affiliated with that party.

Democratic Party, Independent American Party or United Utah Party - any voter not affiliated with these three parties may request to receive that party's primary ballot (changing affiliation is not required).

UNAFFILIATED voters will only receive the non-partisan local school board primary ballot unless they request to receive a political party ballot

Change party affiliation or request a political party ballot at

The parties that will be holding a primary election will not be known until the conclusion of their party conventions in April. Click HERE to view a list of candidates who have filed to run for office in 2022.

Key Dates

  • March 31: Last day to switch party affiliation for the Primary Election
    		     (Does not apply to Unaffiliated voters)
  • June 7: Ballots mailed to all voters eligible to receive a primary ballot
  • June 28: Primary Election Day
  • November 8: General Election Day

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